Code of conduct

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Hi there! We have agreed on some rules to ease the life of anybody that uses our beautiful hackerspace. By using our space you confirm that you accept those rules.


  • Get rid of your shoes. Because, really, who's is able to think with shoes?! Additionally it helps keeping everything tidy and clean.
  • When the last one leaves the room:
    • Shutdown
      • Lights
      • Heating (including electric ones!)
      • Unused devices (TV, stereo etc.)
      • Tilt at least one window
      • Empty trash if full
  • Unauthorized usage of someone else's property is prohibited!
    • Public devices have a sticker on them with any OSS license written on it. (Which license is written on it doesn't matter)
  • Please keep an appropriate volume when doing things or talking!
  • The (correct) use of clothing is strongly encouraged :-)
    • We don't care if you've been hacking for seven days straight (well, actually that is pretty impressive but thats another topic). Basic body hygiene and the clothing is a must. If required we've got single use toothbrushes incl. teethpaste available.

Room Usage

Please have a look at our website for more detailed information.

Currently we have defined three "timespans" that are being considered as "blocked":

  • Friday evening: Fridayhorst, unregularly, please refer to our Doorstatus on the main page
  • Saturday evening: Saturdayhorst, occasional workshops, talks, lectures etc. or just random hacking (or slacking)
    • If you want to host an event (public or internal) please contact us via Mail:
  • Sunday afternoon & following: Openhorst, do whatever you want as long as you do not annoy anybody.